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Photos from Dad’s Fishing Trip

My dad, Ed, has returned from his big fishing trip to Minnesota; he had a great time with his friend Rich. During the two-plus weeks they were there, they caught all the fish they were allowed to keep. Dad’s biggest record: a 6.5 lb. walleye! Dad and Rich camped out, but they had TV, so […]

Congrats to Doug on Graduating College (Plus a Party on June 14)

My brother Doug has graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a double major in graphic design and drawing. Way to go! He is currently searching for a job, so if you know of any leads, send me an email or leave a comment. We are having a graduation party for him on June […]

Hard to Believe, But Sonia Is Volunteering to Spend Next Week with 2000 Kids

If I’m offline a lot next week, now you know why. Don’t go into shock… but yes, I have willingly donated 4 days of next week to an all-day kids camp with 2000 kiddies. Our church, St. Louis Family Church, hosts a huge event for kids called JUMP that includes a waterpark, inflatables, games, and, […]