Month: April 2008

  • Sonia Launches New Business Offering Communications & Writing (and leaves her job of 9 years!)

    It’s been a year of change. After much prayer and consultation, I decided to leave my job as director of public relations and start my own communications business. The new biz is named Coleman Unlimited, and it will offer communications, writing, marketing, Web and public relations services. I’ve already got some clients on the docket, […]

  • Update on My Dad

    Many of you have been asking about my family, and how we are doing since my mom passed away. Everyone especially wants to know how my dad, Ed, is doing. Dad is doing as well as can be expected after you lose your wife of nearly 40 years. He’s a very active retired guy. He’s […]

  • Helpful Friendship Tips

    In late March, we heard some really good teaching on friendship from our pastor, Jeff Perry. It was at the Anchors meeting, a hip new get-together for St. Louis Family Church’s new 20s & 30s group. We really enjoyed his comments, so I thought I’d share. (It was so good that Brett kept leaning over […]