Month: March 2008

  • A Good Thought for Good Friday

    Live from St. Louis Family Church (yes, I am writing from church): For a believer, when you die, you live.

  • An Encounter with Huckabee

    Brett and I flew from St. Louis to Houston on Friday, March 14. As we left the plane, I noticed the guy in front of me looked like presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee. He had on a navy blue suit and was walking rapidly. Although I have seen Huckabee on TV several times, I have never […]

  • Waiting for spring!

    I am waiting expectantly for spring here in St. Louis. Here’s a beautiful Easter-colored photo from Flickr. Tags: photos

  • A Brief Reflection on Life

    Here’s my deep thought from a recent car commute. “Somewhere along the way, you discover the things you want most in life can’t be bought.”

  • Checking Out Flock Browser

    On recommendation from Greg Tipton of, I am trying out the blogging feature from the Flock social networking browser. Pretty cool, huh?