Month: June 2007

  • Brett got the long-awaited iPhone!!!

    We’re writing this post from Brett’s cool new Internet-enabled iPhone. Pretty cool, ehh? We’ll post the photos later of him in line. Check it out at

  • A Note of Thanks from My Mom

    My mom has asked that I share this note of thanks from her: Subject: Praise God I’m home! To all that have prayed, I wanted to personally thank you. I came home yesterday from the hospital and got to sleep in my own bed last night! Today I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the […]

  • Mom’s “Goodbye to the Hospital” Picture

    When Mom left the hospital yesterday, we took a picture to mark the occasion. I took a video also, but I’ll need Brett’s help to post the video. By the way, she did skip. Mom, Dad and I linked arms and skipped three steps in the room. They have to escort you out in a […]

  • Bless the Lord

    This is the song that came to me this morning: Bless the Lord, all my soul And all that is within me Bless His holy name

  • Mom Is Getting Out of the Hospital

    More good news: Mom will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. She moved to room 339 today in case anyone is planning an early bird visit. She has said she wants to skip on out of there, so now she has her chance! This is excellent news because we are all very tired of the […]

  • Mom Is Out of ICU!

    I have good news to report. My mom is recovering so well from surgery that she was moved today from ICU to Room 331 in St. John’s Mercy. Yeah! She’s doing exceptionally well. Everything is working fine. She has some swelling and bruising. She says the scar looks like the curved stitching on a baseball. […]

  • Post-Surgery Update on My Mom

    Greetings, everyone, I’m writing from the hospital. My mom had surgery this morning. Her request before surgery was that one of her pastors come and sing her the song, “Through it all.” It brought everyone to tears, but it was the good kind of tears. The good news is that she is awake, and she […]

  • Please Pray for My Mom

    Brett and I are asking for prayers for my mom. She went to hospital on Tuesday, June 19, and they discovered that she has a tumor in her brain. They are planning surgery for Friday. Obviously, this sounds like a bad report, but we know our God. We’re believing He’ll make it into a good […]

  • Great memory helper tool online: Remember the Milk

    Brett and I have been working on getting organized, well, ever since we got married. However, we read the book, “Getting Things Done,” and we liked the concepts. So we’ve been working on implementing the system for a while now, and part of it is regularly dumping everything out of your brain into a trusted […]

  • Congrats to Dana on Finishing Her Masters Degree

    We wanted to congratulate my sister Dana on finishing her Masters degree in Education Administration from Lindenwood University. She is currently a physical education teacher at Hixson Middle School in the Webster Groves School District. Now she could become an administrator if she so chooses. Dana has been working on this degree for the last […]