Month: January 2007

  • Sonia has first-ever totally healthy year!

    As 2006 ended, I was very excited. Why? Because it marked the first year in my entire 30 years where I was healthy enough to NOT require any antibiotics!!! This is a miracle. I was always sick, but that was the old me. The new me has been healed of all of my chronic sinus […]

  • Freezing Rain Pics

    9653 We had some interesting weather this January–freezing rain that coated our trees and caused many, many limbs to collapse under the weight. For nearly two days, we heard the sounds of cracking and breaking trees surrounding our house. Here’s some photos of what our neighborhood looked like with the ice on the trees.

  • Exciting New Feature: Book Lists!

    Brett has now added a feature where I can now post a list of books on our homepage here at I am totally excited about this, since I love to read. I can list books in the following categories: Books I am planning on reading Books I am currently reading (with pictures) Books that […]