Month: October 2006

  • Photos of Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Missouri Botanical Garden

    879087508766 Brett and I recently took off work on a beautiful afternoon this fall to enjoy the weather, flowers, and the much-talked about Chihuly glass exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden. (Sometimes we try to be tourists in our own city.) It was a really cool exhibit. The pics featured here only represent the part […]

  • The New Baby Boomer Era

    8725 In case you haven’t noticed, babies are appearing everywhere. Nearly all of our married friends have produced an heir in the last few months. So in honor of the poopy diapers, I thought I’d post a few pics of a recent gathering with three little cuties. (I managed to overcome my child-avoiding tendencies for […]

  • Pastor Jeff’s Messages Now Available on iTunes or MP3 Download

    Now you all can hear some great Word from our pastor every week, no matter where you live. Pastor Jeff Perry’s messages are now available as a download off of St. Louis Family Church’s Web site,, or you can subscribe on iTunes by searching for “Jeff Perry.” Don’t forget, if you ever come to […]

  • Check Out Pics of Rachel’s 16th Birthday

    8675 My cousin Rachel recently celebrated her sweet sixteen. I’ve posted the pics to share. Check the photos out.

  • Brett Makes His First “Ace” (Hole-in-One)

    During the first throw on a recent disc golf trip, Brett’s aim was right on. A beautiful ching was heard by all, including a couple of guys chilling out on a park bench. I said, “Wow,” and the guys said a phrase something like this, “Holy $%&*!” So being the cheeseball that I am, I […]

  • The Rollercoaster Phenomenon

    When Brett and I went to Cedar Point recently, we discovered a little-known rollercoaster phenomenon. We’re curious if we’re the only ones to experience it. Read on for details… During the first roller-coaster, I felt something strange. Instead of screaming in excitement…I felt a little sick. A twinge of nausea permeated my senses, but I […]

  • Brett and I Take on Ohio — and Big Rollercoasters!

    10125 10161 Brett and I ventured to Ohio for the weekend in September. I had a business trip to Toledo and Sandusky to visit members. After mentioning it to several people, I discovered that there was a big rollercoaster park in Sandusky that was famous for its crazy coasters. Then, I found out that my […]