Month: January 2006

  • Sonia’s Katrina writing on Service International’s Web site

    Author: Sonia Peggy, my cousin and another fellow Katrina trip teammate just informed me that something I wrote about the trip is posted on Service International’s Web site. It’s part of a section of their site called, “In Their Own Words…Service International Volunteers Speak Out.” Check it out.

  • Katrina Poem by Gary Miller Jr.

    Author: Gary Miller Jr. Gary was one of our powerhouse teammates on the Katrina work trip. He was affectionately called “the Snake” by his teammates for his ability to catch and occasionally be bitten by snakes (but that’s another story). He wrote this excellent poem about his experience in New Orleans. Like the ripping winds […]

  • Disaster Relief–Photos

    We just got back from a disaster relief trip for Hurricane Katrina where 175 people helped clean out flooded houses in New Orleans. You have to see this to believe it–it is a terrible situation, but we can all help to make it better. A handful of volunteers can completely gut a house and prepare […]

  • Check out the new blog

    It’s a new year, so Sonia thought she’d start her blog, In it you can read about: Sonia’s thoughts on life Good stuff she sees or hears Books worth reading Pastor Jeff sermon summaries (coming soon) Grammar tips Musings about God And much more!

  • Hurricane Katrina Trip Overview

    I’ve been wanting to start the blog on our site for some time, and I could think of no better than time than now with the new year. Brett and I went on a Hurricane Katrina disaster relief trip last week, and many people have been asking us what is like “down there.” I thought […]

  • Wedding Photos!

    Check out our wedding photos! Our photographer, Mark Allen of Anmar Photography, took over 1200 photos of our special day. So we have hundreds of amazing photos to show you. However, we have chosen the best for you, take a look! We are still smiling this big everyday, although we are lacking the dress and […]